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road to eden Features

Play Solo Or Large Scale Multiplayer
Play Alone Or With Friends
Play Single Player or take to multiplayer and team up with friends in an effort to reach eden
Explore A Vast World 
Explore a vast world Filled with beauty, danger, sprawling dungeons and hidden treasures
Survive in a harsh environment
Food and hunger are the first enemy!
Scavenge for supplies, hunt animals for food, face the elements in multiple biomes and get ready to fight back!
Build your base
make your mark
build your base with over five hundred types of blocks from wood to concrete among others
add furniture and crafting station's to make your house a home
Venture into the darkness of sprawling dungeons and caves 
Test your bravery and skill by venturing into the darkness of randomly generated dungeons and caves hidden throughout the world
Random world events
Respond to cries for help from bandit attacks, encounter random hordes with much more to come
Back Story
(to follow)
Experience a rich back story, learn about what took place before they came. be the maker of your own destiny and decide your fate
Fight Back
wage war with hordes of infected, Paramilitary, rebels and aliens
master your strength and figure out their weakness if you hope to make it to eden
Crafting is a major part of road to eden with over four hundred crafting recipies to use and unlock.
Upgrade your base, weapons and gear to help ensure your survival
Vehicles can be found throughout the world that can be repaired and made operational to aid survivors in their journey to eden
new vehicle types planned
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